We welcome new members wishing to be part of the B’nai Shalom community.

Members in good standing are entitled to seating during High Holidays, and receive our monthly bulletin, Traditionally Speaking, and other benefits.

Members are required to pay annual dues which vary based on age and on the number of people in their family. Members are also required to make a one-time contribution to the shul’s Building Fund, to assist us in maintaining our facilities.

Members are also entitled to purchase reserved seats in the sanctuary for an additional one-time fee. These seats are used primarily during High Holidays. If you do not own a seat in the shul, one is assigned to you during High Holidays, but this may be in one of the overflow areas adjoining the sanctuary. All seats have a full view of the bimah.

Membership dues, Building Fund contributions and all other donations to the shul are tax deductible. Members receive an annual statement of contributions for their tax records.

If you have membership questions, please call the shul office at (847) 415-1370. Our membership Vice-President, Ken Krakman, will be happy to call you back.

Members who request discounted dues or special payment arrangements should contact the Financial Vice President.  This position is currently open.