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Congregation B'nai Shalom was founded to serve the needs of traditional Jews in Chicago's north-west suburbs. As a traditional congregation, we strive to both fulfill the spiritual needs of our members and to inspire a growing knowledge, understanding and practice of living Judaism.


B'nai Shalom offers a complete range of educational, religious, and social programs for our members and the community. We offer adult education programs, social events, a men's club and sisterhood.


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B'nai Shalom is located in the middle of the beautiful Village of Buffalo Grove, in Chicago's northwest suburbs. Buffalo Grove offers its residents an unparalleled range of services, facilities and quality of life.

Latest News 

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Please get your High Holiday packets in by August 22.

RABBI DVORIN AND ROBIN will be joining us for a Shabbaton weekend beginning Sept 21.  Friday night services will begin at 6:45pm with Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv; Saturday morning Minyan is at 9:00am, followed by Kiddush.  Mincha, Seudah Shlishit, the Rabbi’s class and Ma’ariv, followed by Havdalah, will begin at 5:50pm.

Selichot Schedule on Sept 20.

9:30-10:30 pm “Jewish Soldiers in Blue and Gray

10:30-11:00 pm Discussion with Janet Reed 

11:00-:11:30 pm Nosh and Schmooze 

11:30-11:45 pm Dedication of Yahrzeit Plaques 

11:45 pm Selichot Services with Rabbi Dvorin 

Services are 9AM on Saturday and Sunday and 6:13AM weekdays.

Wednesday, September 24th Erev Rosh Hashanah
    6:30 pm Mincha-Maariv {Candle lighting is 6:29 pm}
Thursday, September 25th Rosh Hashanah I
   8:00 am Shacharit
   6:30 pm Mincha- Maariv {Candles after 7:27 pm}
Friday, September 26th Rosh Hashanah II
   8:00 am Shacharit
   6:30 pm Mincha-Maariv {Shabbat Candles 6:26 pm}
Saturday, September 27th Shabbat Shuvah
   9:00 am Shacharit
   6:00 pm Mincha-Maariv and discussion (No Seudah and Shabbat Ends at 7:26 pm)
Sunday, September 28th, Fast of Gedaliah {Fast 5:22 a.m.-7:06 pm}

Friday, October 3rd, Erev Yom Kippur
   6:00 pm Mincha-Kol Nidre {Candle lighting is 6:14 pm}
Saturday, October 4th, Yom Kippur
   9:00 am Shacharit
   12:30 pm Yizkor (approximate)
   4:45 pm Mincha-Neilah
   7:11 pm Shofar followed by Maariv and Havdalah (Shabbat Ends 7:10 pm)

Wednesday, October 8th, Erev Sukkot {Candle lighting 6:02 pm}
Thursday, October 9th, Sukkot I and Friday, October 10th, Sukkot II
   9:00 am Shacharit {Candle lighting Thursday after 7:01 p.m, Friday Shabbat Candles 5:58 pm}
Sunday, October 12th
   9:00 am Shacharit (Intermediate Day of Sukkot)
Monday, October 13th through Wednesday, October 15th (Hoshana Rabbah)
   5:45 am Shacharit {Candle lighting Wednesday 5:50 pm}

Thursday, October 16th, Shemini Atzeret
   9:00 am Shacharit
   10:45 am Yizkor (approximately)
   6:30 pm Mincha-Maariv – Simchat Torah with Hakafot {Candles after        6:50 pm}
Friday, October 17st, Simchat Torah
   9:00 am Shacharit with Hakafot {Shabbat Candles, 5:47 pm}

The next women's learning night is on Oct 22 at 7:00 pm.  It is a special program with author Maggie Anton co-sponsored by Great Plains Region Northwest Chapter Hadassah.  Maggie Anton is the author of Rashi's Daughters. RSVP $5 to the Shul office.

Join us for Minyan breakfast every weekday.  Bagels, lox spread, all the fixings, coffee and sweets!   On Fridays, omelets made to order!  A $3.00 donation gets you breakfast and stimulating conversation.

Upcoming Shabbatons with Rabbi and Robin Dvorin are on 

  • September 26th/27th
  • Friday evening will start at 6:24 pm on Sept 26
  • Saturday Mincha is at 5:20 on Sept 27

Saturday morning at 9 am.  Saturday Mincha starts around 2 hours before Havdallah followed by Seudah S'lishshit, Rabbi's class and Ma'ariv.  

CBSBG presents: Movie Night!   The fourth Wednesday night of every month we will be showing different tv programs of yesteryear. Open to all. There is no charge for these fun evenings of entertainment, snacks,and schmoozing! 


October 25, 2014 at 8:30 pm.  CBSBG and Toladah Na’ Amat present Dueling Pianos.  Doors open at 8 pm.  Tickets are $25 each until Oct 15.  After October 15 they are $30.  Reserved seating available for tables of 10.

The Eruv is down until further notice.  Info is located on the Ritual Info page.



Show CBS how big a macher you are.  Sign up for the Macher for a Day program.  Call the shul office for more information.


B'nai Shalom has established a number of funds to receive contributions in memory of a loved one, or in honor of an aliyah or simcha, for speedy recovery from illness, or to commemorate any other occasion.

We now have the ability to accept such contributions online. Click here to access the donations form. This transaction is completely secure. There is no need to provide payment information online, since you will be billed on your next monthly statement.


Learn about the history of B'nai Shalom and our ark.     


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