December 2022 | Kislev/Tevet 5783

Dear B’nai Shalom members, families and friends, We will soon be preparing to celebrate the joyous holiday of Chanukah and, in order to best fulfill the spirit of the holiday, I share with you the following concerning the laws and traditions of the holiday: Typically,...

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November 2022 | Cheshvan/Kislev 5783

Dear B’nai Shalom members, families, and friends: “One for All and All for One” The title of this bulletin article is not an expression unique to the Three Musketeers alone. It is a description of the principle and ideal for which Judaism strives at all times and in...

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August 2022 | Av/Elul 5782

Dear B’nai Shalom members, friends, and families: As we experience a myriad of varied extremes of emotions and feelings on the different days of celebration, commemoration, and sadness we find at this time of year on the Jewish calendar, we learn that the underlying,...

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July 2022 | Tammuz/Av 5782

Dear Bnai Shalom members, families, and friends: I am hoping that, in spite of ongoing COVID-19 fears, everyone is doing well. While summertime is NORMALLY a time of great joy, pleasure, and relaxation for many people, there is a portion of the summer that does not...

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June 2022 | Sivan/Tammuz 5782

Dear B’nai Shalom members, families, and friends: As you read this shul bulletin, we will be approaching a very exciting time on the Jewish calendar, a joyous holiday for which we prepare with great anticipation, without much of the demanding and time intensive...

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May 2022 | Nissan/Iyar 5782

Dear Members, Friends, and Families of B’nai Shalom: Robin and I are back from Israel and look forward to sharing with you the many exciting, meaningful, and fully enjoyable highlights of our marvelous trip to our promised land. I look forward to continuing sharing...

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April 2022 | Adar II / Nissan 5782

Dear B’nai Shalom members, families, and friends: Although the joyous and festive holiday of Purim has only just concluded, we nonetheless turn our attention (as always) to the custom-filled and traditionally-rich holiday of Passover immediately. I share the following...

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March 2022 | Adar I / Adar II 5782

Dear B’nai Shalom members, friends, and families: With the holiday of Purim quickly approaching, I shared with you the following points and reminders concerning the holiday which I hope will be helpful to everyone in making the celebration of Purim festive and joyful....

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February 2022 | Shevat / Adar 5782

Dear B’nai Shalom members, friends, and families: Even as we brave the cold temperatures and do our best to tolerate what a typical Chicago winter brings us, we continue to learn, study, and engage ourselves in the pursuit and love of Torah. I share the following...

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